Guitar Kill Switch!

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Our goal is to provide you with a high-quality guitar kill switch that looks great and is easy to install.

Check out our arcade button kill switches and while you're at it, we have matching knobs as well! Your electric guitar or bass will be happy you chose Tesi Switch!

Buy with confidence! Tesi Switches are guaranteed for 1 year after the sale and we pride ourselves on our customer service. Most orders ship out within 24 hours.

FREE SHIPPING TO THE USA on orders over $10.00

International Shipping Prices:
Canada $10.00
Everywhere Else:  $15.00

Why Tesi Switch?

We test every switch before packaging it.  As a result, the failure rate is less than 1%.  We package the 12MM and larger switches in a custom cut foam block and place in a small box for protection. The box also includes a couple of Tesi Switch guitar picks, as well as all the wiring necessary to install in an active or passive system, and we are always happy to help with installation questions.

If something does go wrong, our switches have a 1-Year Guarantee against defect or failure.