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Now AvailablE - Keeley Effects DDR Pedal

Keeley Effects DDR - Drive, Delay, Reverb Pedal

Robert Keeley's NEW DDR Drive Delay Reverb Pedal - Shipping NOW!


The DDR combines the most common guitar effects--DRIVE and WET--into one pedal. Choose between two classic overdrives and then pour on some delay or reverb. One pedal, any gig.


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 The DRIVE section gives you two styles of overdrive to choose from: Crunch or Lead.  The Crunch Style gives you a gritty British tube-amp combo sound.  The Lead Style gives you a warm and dark, mid-pushed overdrive. 


 The WET side of the pedal gives you Delays and Reverbs.  A Vintage/Modern Switch allows you to toggle between Spring & Plate reverb or Analog & Digital delay. 


The side of the pedal gives you the option to switch on the Effects Loop TRS Inset which allows you to place any effect between the drive and wet section of the pedal.  A Stereo "Y" cable is needed to utilize this feature.

You also have the option of adding the delay/reverb trails when the effect is switched off.

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