Artists and Partners

Jasen Rauch of Breaking Benjamin

Jasen Rauch of Breaking Benjamin

Jasen uses the NELLI and TOPO combination to create the "Life" switch.

Greg Marra of Plenty Heavy

greg marra with his Sully Stardust Electric guitar

Greg's been a supporter from the beginning. Make sure to check out his band, Plenty Heavy!

Se-Hwang Kim

Kim Se-Hwang of NEXT Kpop superstar pop band

One of Korea's top guitarists, Se-Hwang has played with superstar Kpop band N.EX.T for many years. He's Tesi's first artist!

Jaime Trevino of Rockstar

Jaime embodies the 80's with his band, Rockstar. He proudly uses Tesi Switch!

Justin Harris-Longmire of Nihilitus

Justin bangs out some pretty serious shred-core with his Legator guitars equipped with Tesi Switch.

Chris Malone of American Standard

Guitarist for midwest-based band, American Standard, and guitar teacher, Chris relies on Tesi Switch for his live axes!

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