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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can you help me with my installation question?

A: Absolutely! Feel free to contact us by email using the contact form below or tesiswitch@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.   We also like to help troubleshoot installation problems by video, so be sure to add us on Instagram and we can do some video tech support.

Q: What's the difference between latching and momentary? Which one do I need?

A: Latching switches lock in place when pressed, and will unlock when pressed a second time.  This is useful for anyone who's looking for a 'mute' button for their instrument, or as a pickup or coil on/off.   Momentary switches automatically return to the default position and will only mute your signal while the button is pressed, allowing for the stutter effect.  The most popular type of switch is Momentary.

Q: What are all the options and which ones do I need?

A: It is not necessary to select any of the options on the product pages. Each one of our switches ship with everything you need to install a functioning switch.  These options are there to enhance your experience.

  • Add Stereo Jack:  The stereo jack can be used as an on/off switch for your LED kill switch.  
    • Switchcraft 12B is a panel mount jack. When added as an option to a kill switch the wires will not be attached to the jack.
    • Barrel Jack (multiple colors) should be used when the jack is mounted through the wood. 
    • If you're not sure which jack you need, contact us!
  • Hardwire option: The wires included with LED Tesi Switches are attached with a quick connect clip. This is to designed make installation easier. The clips add to the required mounting depth of the switch, so the Hardwire option removes the quick connectors and attaches the wires directly at a 90 degree angle keeping the lowest possible profile inside your control cavity.  When this option is selected the resistor is attached directly to the switch.
  • Extra Long Wires:  Our standard length is about 12" which is sufficient for most applications.  You will need EXTRA LONG WIRES if you are installing the kill switch on the opposite side of the guitar, like up by the horn or where the pickup selector switch is on a Les Paul.
  • Add Forstner Drill Bit: Anytime you are planning to drill a hole in a finished guitar it is recommend to use a Forstner Drill Bit (see the Installation page).  Tesi Switch offers these bits for 12MM, 16MM, 24MM and 30MM switches.  The Tesi drill bits are true metric bits that match the mounting diameter of the switch.

Q: What does NO and NC mean? 

A: NO and NC are abbreviations for the operation of push button switches.  NO is 'normally open' or 'press-to-make' which means that there is no connection inside the switch until it's pressed.  NC is 'normally closed' or 'press-to-break' which means the connection is always made inside the switch until you press it.

Q: Why are Tesi Switches NO? Isn't that backwards?

A: Adding a new component to your signal path inside the guitar will add resistance (decreasing your signal strength) and increase the potential for outside interference (like hum from florescent or neon lighting).  When wired according to our recommendation, the Tesi Switch does not enter your signal path. Instead it creates a ground loop, sending the hot signal off to the bottomless pit of ground in your guitar, making it silent as death. Typically even other weirdo noises can't even escape it.  NC switches that require you to run your signal path through it can be noisy even when pressed and because they're not typically shielded for guitar use, BZZZZZZ.  You get the picture.  If you have any other questions or concerns about the NO switches we use, please contact us.

Q: Do you have any Normally Closed (NC) switches?

A: A few of our switches are SPDT (Single Pole, Double Throw) which means it has terminals to operate as either NO or NC.  These can be useful in a variety of situations.  If you want your switch to operate as NC, please leave a note on your order.

     Momentary SPDT Switches
    IDO Super M 10mm Metal Switch

     MIMMO 10mm Metal LED Switch

     BABY NELLI 8mm LED Switch

     NELLI JR 12mm LED Switch

     NELLI 16mm LED Switch

     Latching SPDT Switches

     BR Latch 16mm Metal LED Switch

     RG Latch 16mm Metal LED Switch

     FILO Latching 16mm Metal LED Switch BLACK / STAINLESS STEEL / GOLD


Q: What's the fastest kill switch you have?

A: The FASTEST kill switch is going to be the one with the lightest pressure required to get the button to make the connection, which is the DITO Arcade button.  Both sizes are equally light and fast.  Because we use buttons designed for the arcade market, the DITO buttons are made to take a significant amount of abuse, rated at over 10,000,000,00 (ten million) presses before failure. If you can prove that you pressed your button ten million times I'll give you a free one as a reward.  Kind of like getting a 1-up!

Q: I bought a switch with an LED. What's the deal with all these parts? Are they all necessary?

A: In order to make the Tesi Switch experience as simple and painless as possible, we include all necessary wiring for active or passive installation.  That means that there is going to be some pieces that you toss out, or keep for later, or make some crafts with.  There are two additional resistors included in the box in case you want to make your own wiring.  These resistors are 270 ohm which will make the light a little bit brighter and reduce battery life.
Parts required for installation on instruments with active pickups or electronics:     

  • White/Red Battery Wire (this has a 320 Ohm resistor built into the end)
  • Black with Black End (for grounding)            
  • Black with White End (send to hot signal)

Yep, that's it.  Your guitar already has a stereo output jack so you do whatever you want with the other stuff.

Parts Required for installation on instruments with passive electronics:

  • Battery Harness (this has a 320 Ohm resistor built into the end, 9V battery not included)     
  • Black with Black End (for grounding)     
  • Black with White End (send to hot signal).     
  • Rocker Switch to turn LED on/off NOTE:  You can purchase a stereo output jack separately and it will function as the on/off switch when you plug the guitar in.  Stereo output jack is not included.

Q: Do Tesi Switches have a latching option available?

A: Many of our switches are available with latching operation.  IDO, POCO, FILO, OTTO are just a few. 

Q: What is the Milliamp draw of your LED kill switches?

A: The LEDs draw very little, about 15mA.  A typical Boss distortion pedal usually draws about 60-80mA.  One decent 9V battery can last up to 35 hours of constant use. 

Q: How quickly will you ship my kill switch?
A: Orders are processed and usually ship within 24 hours (1 business day).  If you order on Saturday or Sunday it may not ship out until Monday.  There are a few exceptions throughout the year. If you need faster shipping, contact us!

Q: How much do you charge for shipping and do you ship internationally?

A: Yes.  The shipping table is as follows:    

  • United States and Territories    - FREE for orders over $15    
  • Canada:  $12.50
  • UK:  $17.50    
  • EU:  $17.50    
  • East Asia:  $17.50   
  • Australia: $17.50
  • Israel: $17.50
  • Mexico:  $17.50
  • South America: $17.50
  • Rates are based on USPS First Class shipping to the destination country.
  • International Shipping Rates are subject to change, listed in USD as of 1/29/2020 and are subject to change without notice.   Import duty and VAT are the responsibility of the buyer.

*Not everything ships for free. Some of the less expensive items cannot ship for free unless they're part of a larger order.  If you get charged shipping on a larger order that should qualify for free shipping, the shipping price will be refunded to you once the order ships out.

Q: What is the warranty on the Tesi Switch products?

A: All switches are warrantied from defect for the period of (1) One Year from date of sale, but keep in mind that our customers always come first.  If you call us a month after the warranty expires, we will take care of you.

Q: I need help installing my switch. Do you have wiring diagrams available?

A: Yes, we have wiring diagrams available for most desired modifications.  If I don't have one available please let me know and I can design one for you.  Check out the Installation page!

Q: Will Tesi Switch perform the installation on my guitar?

A: Tesi Switch is located in the Greater Nashville, TN area, and we perform installation and modification services at reasonable prices.  Please inquire at tesiswitch@gmail.com for pricing and lead-time to perform the modification. 

Pickup installation can also be performed.

For most wiring jobs the turnaround is less than a week.  You will be responsible for shipping prices in both directions. In the Greater Nashville area Pick-up and Drop-off services may be available depending on your location. 


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