• Gervana 甲子 Jia Zi Handmade 8-Channel Guitar Effects Switching System


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    Jia Zi is an 8-Channel Pedal Switcher

    With 8 independent effects loops you can control your effects chain easily. The effects for each channel are easily selected by a small switch located above the pedal switch.  

    The Jia Zi has a tuner input as well as a standard instrument input.  Each of the 8 independent loops can be added to one of the 8 channels by a simple flick of a miniature toggle switch.  Easy enough to use, but small enough that you can't accidentally switch it.  

    Two outputs can run into multiple amps or direct boxes and the foot switch jack can be used to switch channels on your amp or any other device that requires a Tip-Ring-Sleeve foot switch.  The foot switch can also be assigned to each channel individually.

    Functional and easy to use! Throw away the manual and stop tap dancing.

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    About Gervana Pedals:

    Gervana Pedals were created by musicians and hand crafted in China. Their goal was to produce a true boutique pedal experience without the true boutique pedal price tag.  They're not mass-produced in an electronics factory that also builds light bulbs and cell phone circuit boards. These pedals are solidly built to last and sound amazing. 

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