• Tesi TOPO 6MM Latching SPDT Mini Toggle Pedal and Guitar Kill Switch


    What does a kill switch do? This modification to your guitar allows a quick stuttering on/off effect to your guitar signal. When used with phaser, delay, chorus and copious amounts of gain, the rhythmic possibilities are endless.

    The TOPO is a mini toggle switch that can be used for many applications such as On/Off for pickups, main signal On/Off and output selector.  This type of switch can also be used for building pedals or any application that requires a change in signal path.

    The TOPO includes:
    (1) Tesi TOPO 6MM Mini Toggle Switch
    (1) Black Wire already attached
    (1) White Wire already attached
    (1) Instructions for wiring as a kill switch

    If you do not wish to have the wiring attached please send a message after the order has been placed.  

    Bulk Discounts may be available for builders.

    Other Specs:
    Rating Load: 6A/250V DC
    Operation Frequency:  30 Times Per Minute
    Insulation Resistance: 100M Ohm above DC500V
    Contact Resistance: 25mOhm
    Withstand Voltage (non connective wire): 1000VAC
    Withstand Voltage (every terminal): 1500VAC
    Mechanical Life: >500,000
    Protection Degree:  IP40
    Operating Temperature: -25C~+80C
    Operating Humidity: <85%