• Tesi POCO 12mm LED Momentary Push Button Guitar Kill Switch Gold (Select LED Color)


    Tesi POCO 12MM Stainless Steel Guitar Kill Switch with LED is probably the coolest guitar modification you'll ever do. 

    The switch is easy to install. If you have the slightest bit of skill with a soldering iron you can do it yourself. If you do not have that skill, you should have a guitar repair person do it. 

    The mounting hole is slightly larger than a standard volume or tone pot (12MM vs. 9MM) which means that if you decide to go back to your original setup, you don't have to buy a new pickguard or repair that hole in your wood.

    This package comes with everything:
    (1) Tesi POCO Switch in Gold with LED
    (1) Tesi Quick-Connect wiring Bundle that includes:
    (1) Black/Black ground wire
    (1) Black/White hot wire
    (1) White/Red Power wire with resistor
    (1) 9V Battery Harness with resistor
    (1) On/Off Rocker Switch
    (1) Set of easy-to-follow wiring instructions

    An added benefit to the Tesi POCO, it will directly replace your Les Paul toggle switch. The mounting hole is the same. I can provide a wiring diagram that takes your (2) Vol. (2) Tone down to either a single master volume and single master tone, adding the Tesi kill switch of your choice and bringing a mini-toggle into the empty hole down in your control pot cavity.

    When used with active pickups the Tesi POCO does not require the additional on/off rocker switch.

    Add a Stereo Output Jack to use as an on/off switch. See wiring diagrams for details.