Switchcraft 152B Barrel Stereo Ouput Jack


1/4" Stereo 3 Conductor Thick Panel Mount Jack w/Cable Clamp, Brass Finish

The Switchcraft 152 Barrel Stereo Jack is an industry standard for TRS (tip/ring/sleeve) operation.  It's useful for active pickups, dual source pickup systems, effect inserts on amplifiers, and now, as the output jack of choice for your Tesi LED kill switch.

This particular jack works best with most Ibanez guitars, particularly the RG, JEM, Satriani, Petrucci, Reb Beach, Roadstar, Maxxas, etc. guitars.  It is also perfect for a Steinberger, ESP, Schecter, or other guitars that mount their output jack through the wood and not mounted to some other little plate. 

If you're looking for a jack for a Strat, Tele, Les Paul, SG, ETC, then check out my store and buy the Switchcraft 12B output jack. 

These jacks have been wired with a white lead on the Tip lug, a black with red end on the ring lug and black with black end on the sleeve lug.

When used properly with active pickups or the Tesi LED Kill Switch, it turns your jack and cable into an on/off switch. When you're plugged in power can get from the battery to your pickups or other active electronics.  When you unplug the guitar, you break the connection the battery which means when you're done, you will need to remember to unplug. 

Just FYI, with the Tesi LED kill switch, you will have a brilliant, glowing reminder to unplug your guitar.

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