The Tesi RG LATCH is an amazing dual-function guitar kill switch that acts as both a momentary and a latching kill switch.

Have you wondered what a guitar kill switch can do for you?  Think about the rhythmic possibilities by adding a kill switch to your guitar.  If you add TWO kill switches to the same guitar you can find interesting ways to syncopate along with complex drum lines or insane double kick beats.

Now, with this new latching/momentary kill switch you really can have it all.  There are two 'click' levels. The first is a momentary position that allows the rapid stuttering of your instrument.  The second will latch the switch so that the guitar stays muted.  Want to wire it the other way? Go ahead. It's easy to do.  The RG LATCH will include a wiring diagram to get you going, but you can also find additional wiring diagrams on the Tesi Switch website.

The LED will change color when you hit the switch. The default is ON=GREEN, OFF=RED, but changing it is as simple as reversing the quick-connect wires that are soldered to your guitar.

Be the first to show off this insane mod at shows.  Call attention to your guitar wielding prowess with kill switch skills.

Included with the Tesi RG Latch Guitar Kill Switch:

(1) Tesi RG Latch Kill Switch with black finish or stainless steel finish (with color changing red/green LED ring)

(1) Tesi Quick-Connect wiring Bundle that includes:

(1) Black/Black ground wire

(1) Black/White hot wire

(1) White/Red Power wire with resistor

(1) 9V Battery Harness with resistor

(1) On/Off Rocker Switch

(1) Set of easy-to-follow wiring instructions

For additional switching options, consider the Tesi Switchcraft Stereo Output Jack.

For guitars with insufficient space to add a 9V battery, consider the FLATBAT option. Just search FLATBAT on the Tesi website.

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