• Gervana 丁卯 Ding Wei Handmade Guitar Boost and Overdrive Dual Pedal


    Sometimes boost is enough to get the grit required for your tone.  Sometimes, it's not.  But why carry around two pedals?

    Ding Wei is a hand-built dual-function pedal with independently controlled boost and overdrive.  It's really two pedals in one since each effect has it's own input and output. 

    The boost uses JFET to amplify the signal, which is considered to have the tonal characteristics of a preamp tube.  The boost offers up to +20db of pure, clean volume boost without any coloration (unless added by the two band EQ).

    The overdrive is versatile, taking you from a slightly gritty drive, up to a smooth, beautiful overdriven tone that will make you think of your favorite British amp.

    The boost and overdrive can function simultaneously or separately.

    Ding Wei operates with a 9V DC Center Negative Power Supply.

    (Power Supply not included)

    About Gervana Pedals:

    Gervana Pedals were created by musicians and hand crafted in China. Their goal was to produce a true boutique pedal experience without the true boutique pedal price tag.  They're not mass-produced in an electronics factory that also builds light bulbs and cell phone circuit boards. These pedals are solidly built to last and sound amazing. 

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