Gervana 壬申 Ren Shen Handmade Multi Isolated Power Supply


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Ren Shen will supply your entire board of Gervana pedals (ok, it will supply any other brand too).

Each output is isolated to keep your pedals sounding the way the should.  

1-7 are 9V at 100ma output

8-9 are 9v at 300ma output 

10 is 12v with 500ma output

The Ren Shen operates on 110v only with a standard IEC cable (included)

About Gervana Pedals:

Gervana Pedals were created by musicians and hand crafted in China. Their goal was to produce a true boutique pedal experience without the true boutique pedal price tag.  They're not mass-produced in an electronics factory that also builds light bulbs and cell phone circuit boards. These pedals are solidly built to last and sound amazing. 

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