• Gervana 癸丑Gui Chou Handmade Guitar Direct Box with Speaker Simulator


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    Gui Chou is a fantastic addition to any guitar set up. It goes great with the electric or acoustic guitar.  

    This pedal functions as a stage or studio direct box, EQ pedal, headphone practice amp, and solo performance tool.

    The EQ and speaker simulator functions are footswitchable giving you complete control over your line-out.

    Cabinet Simulation

    The Cabinet Simulation function converts the full-frequency guitar/pedal signal into the cabinet-like tone that you are familiar with.  If you use a multi-effect pedal, combine it's on-board cabinet simulator with the Gui Chou for a tighter sound. 


    The EQ will have the most dramatic effect on your tone.  The mids are the soul of the guitar tone, so Gui Chou has a sweep-able mid range so you can explore and find the sweet-spot.  


    • 1/4" Guitar Input
    • 1/8" Aux Input (with independent volume control)
    • 1/8" Headphone output
    • 1/4" Guitar output
    • XLR output

    Gui Chou operates with a standard 9V DC Center Negative power supply (not included)

    About Gervana Pedals:

    Gervana Pedals were created by musicians and hand crafted in China. Their goal was to produce a true boutique pedal experience without the true boutique pedal price tag.  They're not mass-produced in an electronics factory that also builds light bulbs and cell phone circuit boards. These pedals are solidly built to last and sound amazing. 

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