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Q: What is the Milliamp draw of your LED kill switches?
A: The LEDs draw very little, about 15mA.  A typical Boss distortion pedal usually draws about 60-80mA.  One decent 9V battery can last up to 35 hours of constant use.

Q: How quickly will you ship my kill switch?
A: Orders are processed and usually ship within 24 hours (1 business day).  If you order on Saturday or Sunday it may not ship out until Monday.

Q: How much do you charge for shipping and do you ship internationally?
A: Yes.  The shipping table is as follows:
    Continental US    - FREE for orders over $10
    Alaska, Hawaii     - $4.00  
    Canada:  $9.00
    UK:  $15.00
    EU:  $15.00
    East Asia:  $15.00
    Australia: $15.00
    Israel: $15.00
    Mexico:  $9.00
    South America: $15.00
International Shipping is available but because of the programming limits of the website shipping is not charged correctly at time of checkout.  Tesi Switch will email additional invoice for shipping charges only and your order will be sent once the shipping charge is paid.
Rates are based on USPS First Class shipping to the destination country.
International Shipping Rates are subject to change, listed in USD as of 1/30/2017 and are subject to change without notice.  
*Not everything ships for free. Some of the less expensive items cannot ship for free unless they're part of a larger order.  If you get charged shipping on a larger order that should qualify for free shipping, the shipping price will be refunded to you once the order ships out.
Q: Do Tesi Switches have a latching option available?
A: Occasionally we do stock latching switches in the FILO, POCO and OTTO switches. Other push button switches may be available by special order.  Please send an email inquiry for availability and pricing.

Q: What is the warranty on the Tesi Switch products?
A: All switches are warrantied from defect for the period of (1) One Year from date of sale.

Q: I need help installing my switch. Do you have wiring diagrams available?
A: Yes, we have wiring diagrams available for most desired modifications.  If I don't have one available please let me know and I can design one for you.  Check out the Wiring Diagrams page!

Q: Will Tesi Switch perform the installation on my guitar?
A: It's always best to take your guitar to a local tech, but if you're in the Greater Nashville, TN area, Tesi does perform installation and modification services at reasonable prices.  Please inquire at for pricing and lead-time to perform the modification.  Pickup installation can also be performed.

Pick-up and Drop-off services may be available depending on your location.